Our Last Term in Room 2!

Our Last Term in Room 2!


It has been a very busy last term in Junior Infants. The boys and girls in room 2 have been involved in lots of fun and interesting activities. We welcomed the new spring lambs during the month of March and learned all about St. Patrick! Our inner scientist was unleashed as we observed three little tadpoles and listened to the story of the life cycle of the frog. We set up our own Fire Station and it was a busy month for taking emergency calls and getting equipment ready in case our fire fighters needed to go out on a call. We all remember the emergency number 999 or 112!

We have all been making a big effort at bringing in healthy lunches and we really enjoyed our school sponsored walk! We welcomed the month of May by setting up a May Altar for Holy Mary. We all brought in lovely fresh flowers and said a special prayer each day for the month of May. We then put back on our lab coats and delved into the world of magnetism! We had lots of fun exploring how magnets work. We were surprised to learn that magnets even work through some materials, like paper.

We had been working so hard so we decided to set up our own airport and jet off on some amazing adventures. We made our own passports and cut out different pictures to pack our suitcases. We mapped out lots of different journeys and learned about the many ways to travel – on land, by sea and in the air. We all thought long and hard about what we wanted to do on our summer holidays, so we made bucket lists and wrote down three things that we really wanted to do! Playing with our friends and going for ice cream was a popular hit!!

Then there was ACTIVE WEEK!! What an enjoyable few days were had by all! From bursting water bombs and filling pipes to three-legged races and orienteering, we were all in high spirits going home on Friday afternoon! And last but certainly not least — our school tour to Newbridge Farm! We had a fun-filled day where we started out at the playground, then explored the animals on the farm and ended it with a lovely picnic by the apple trees!

I would like to thank all of the wonderful parents, grandparents and everyone else who supported their children in their first year of school. It has been such an enjoyable and rewarding year for me as teacher and I will miss the boys and girls so much next year! Well done to each and every one of them for the hard work they have put in. I hope you all have a very safe and happy Summer holiday!!

Ms. Ruane


Dancing Raisins

Dancing Raisins

Our super scientists in Room 2 were investigating what happens to raisins when placed in a fizzy drink. We guessed what we thought might happen…some boys and girls thought the raisins would float, others thought they would sink. We set up our experiment using raisins, water, 7Up and a big bowl.

  • First we put the raisins into a bowl of water…..they sank to the bottom and stayed there (not very exciting!!)
  • Next we put the raisins into a bowl of fizzy 7Up….they also sank to the bottom BUT then they began to move up and down in the bowl as if they were dancing!! (Very exciting to watch!!)
  • We wrote about our experiment and drew pictures of what happened before and after the raisins went into the 7Up.
  • We demonstrated our experiment to some of the boys and girls in room 1.

So, WHY did this happen??

Fizzy drinks are fizzy because they have carbon dioxide in them (it makes the bubbles when we shake a fizzy drink). The bubbles stick to the raisins at the bottom and they get bigger and move upwards, some of the bubbles pop at the top and the raisins sink again.

There you have it….Dancing Raisins!! 



A Busy January in Junior Infants!

A Busy January in Junior Infants!

The boys and girls in Room 2 have welcomed the New Year with a great smile! They started off the month with “The Supermarket” as their playtime topic and have been enjoying many different activities such as building the aisles in the supermarket, acting out the roles of shopkeeper, customers, suppliers and bag packers, making lots of healthy food out of play dough and creating their own small village, just like Ratoath!

We had a big discussion about healthy eating and keeping fit for the New Year! After reading the book “Grow Your Own” we learned that fruits and vegetables help us to fight away colds, build strong muscles, protect our eyes and give us lots of energy! We also made a picture sequence about “The Story of Milk” and how we get milk from the cows to the supermarket shelves. The farmers have busy jobs to get all of those cows milked!

New Year, New Activities – we have started doing writing stations during English time. We practised our new letter on our big sheets, we made the letter formation using pegs, we read sentences to find the matching picture, we played snap using our Tricky Words, we wrote words and sentences on the whiteboards and we traced the letters in the sand! Writing stations were so much fun it even felt like playtime!!

We have been learning all about the number 3 this week as well. During Numicon we made the formation of the number and built towers of 3. We searched for the shape in the Numicon Feely Bag and we found lots of different combinations such as 2 + 1 makes 3 and 3 + 0 makes 3! Some boys and girls have 3 people in their family, others have the number 3 on their house and one child has 3 dogs!! 

The boys and girls have also brought in lots of funky fruits as part of being a Healthy School. Keep up the good work Junior Infants! 🙂

Super Sight Word Detectives

Super Sight Word Detectives

Our sight word detectives in room 2 went undercover looking for sight words in their books. They had the challenge of choosing a book and looking for as many “I“, “the“, “he“, “she“, “me“, “we” and “be” words as they could find! Some detectives were very successful in locating the sneaky sight words! They can be tricky to find!! Well done junior detectives!! 🙂

Junior Doctors in Room 2

Junior Doctors in Room 2

We have had a very busy month this November as the boys and girls in room 2 took on the role of doctors and nurses. The cold winter weather brought about lots of colds, headaches, tummy pains and even broken arms, but luckily we had some doctors to help the patients get better.

Below are some of the activities we all took part in throughout the month:

The boys and girls built a hospital with two storeys and a car park for all of the staff and visitors. They created a small world with doctors, surgeons, nurses and patients.

During sand play, the boys and girls were filling containers and tubes and making sure the patients were given the correct medicine. We also made our own X-rays of the hand, legs and the whole body.

The doctor often prescribes medicine to make patients better again so we made some healthy food and medicine using Play Doh. We all wanted to make ice cream to help soothe a sore throat!

We all like to get cards and flowers so we wrote Get Well Soon cards and decorated them with pretty flowers and gave them to the patients who weren’t feeling too well.

The doctor needs a first aid kit so we were busy cutting out all of the equipment needed to make patients better. We learned lots of new words like stethoscope, thermometer, prescriptions and many more.

The receptionist was busy taking appointments and showing patients to the waiting room in the Doctor Surgery. The doctors and nurses were examining patients, prescribing medicine and giving out prescriptions. We even used a real stethoscope to listen to for a heartbeat!! We all enjoyed that part!! The doctors took X-rays and bandaged up lots of broken arms!

The junior doctors were on call for the whole month of November so they will need a good rest next week!

Frighteningly Fun Activities in Room 2!

Frighteningly Fun Activities in Room 2!

The boys and girls in Room 2 had a fantastic Hallowe’en week!  Below are some of the frighteningly fun activities that they took part in throughout the week:

  • They set up a Fancy Dress Shop in the classroom where they bought, sold and hired out some costumes. They used coins and even credit cards to pay for their items! They had great fun trying on all of the costumes!
  • They built cauldrons and castles out of large building blocks and they searched for their sounds and words stuck onto scary spiders hiding in the sand!!
  • Wendy the Witch also paid a visit and she told they boys and girls all about Hallowe’en around the world! They enjoyed using little characters and the town houses to act out trick ‘r treating!

The three Junior Infant classes also took part in their first assembly before Hallowe’en. There were lots of ghosts, witches and skeletons singing for everyone in school. They all performed in an exceptionally brilliant way!! Well done Junior Infants!! 🙂