Celebrating all things Irish in Room 25!

Celebrating all things Irish in Room 25!

Last week we celebrated Seachtain na Gaelige and St. Patrick’s Day.

From St. Patrick’s Day art to céilithe and Irish music, we really enjoyed celebrating being Irish in Room 25!

Room 25 win the Golden Boot!!

Room 25 win the Golden Boot!!

Room 25 was delighted to be awarded with the Golden Boot this week.

The Golden Boot is awarded to the class who make the most effort to travel to school in a green way.

The boys and girls in our classroom travel to school in many different ways. They park and stride, scoot, walk and skate to school.

We were delighted to have the Golden Boot rest in Room 25 this week!

Christmas Arrives in Room 25

Christmas Arrives in Room 25

There was great excitement in Room 25 this week when the boys and girls decorated their classroom for Christmas. They decorated the Christmas tree with tinsel and baubles and placed a star on top.

The boys and girls were also very happy to be able to open their first window on their Advent Calendar. We will open one window every day until Christmas Day.

The boys and girls also received a video message from Santa. He told us that he is looking forward to visiting our houses on Christmas Eve.

Room 25 go Swimming

Room 25 go Swimming

Where? In The National Aquatic Centre.

When? We Go Every Thursday.

Who? My Class Goes With Me.

What? We do our swimming and we have Toy Time there.

Do you like it? Yes.

Why do you like it? Toy Time is every swimming day and

Amanda lets us play at the end.


By: Sophia Read

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