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Sixth Class have been very busy this year preparing our school garden for the Pride of Place garden competition. Ever since Covid our school garden hasn’t been great, until Sixth Class took charge to help the garden get back to where it was 4 years ago to its full health. When Sixth Class saw the garden for the first time in years, they were shocked to see stones over all the flowerbeds and weeds everywhere. That’s when Sixth Class started their work in the garden by taking out the stones, pulling out the weeds, then flipping the soil in the raised beds and clearing them out. With all this work we did with the garden we needed to purchase new equipment. That’s why Sixth Class prepared a business proposal to get discounts for all the equipment they needed from Ratoath Garden Centre. Ratoath Garden Centre was very generous and gave us discounts for the equipment we needed. After we got the equipment needed, they got horse manure from Tony Daly to fertilize the soil in the beds, then spread it over the flowerbeds. After they spread the soil Sixth Class planted their seed potatoes (Duke of York), then started getting rid of moss along the flowerbeds and pulling out weeds from the grass. With a span of 4 weeks so far the garden is looking healthier and cleaner. The garden is not just for Sixth Class but for everyone in the school. Each class has a certain role in our garden and have a certain project to do in the garden. By helping the garden get back to its full potential the students are also learning about nature and gardening which is a great learning experience for the students of St Paul’s.

Written by Nicole Doherty, Sixth Class