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St. Paul’s are still on a high after the fantastic achievement of our boys’ team winning the Meath Primary School’s Division 1 Shield final against Duleek. We are incredibly proud of the boys and their coaches Ms. Dennehy, Mr. Duffy and Ms. O’Reilly. Have a read below of reports on the match from our team Captain, Seán, and one of our devoted Sixth Class fans, Erin.


The team and I got onto the bus with all of sixth class. We were all so nervous on the way to Páirc Tailteann. We finally got to Páirc Tailteann, got out of the bus and made our way to the dressing room where Ms. Dennehy told us what drills we would do to warm up. When she was finished talking we all ran out onto the back pitch to warm up. We warmed up for about 20 minutes and then jogged back into the dressing rooms. Then we put our gum shields in, tied up all our laces and ran out onto the pitch. All we could hear was cheers and screaming from all of our supporters. We went out and started kicking points over the bar. Then the referee blew his whistle and we all got into position. He threw the ball up and James Kelly caught it and kicked it up to the forwards and we scored a goal. Then they scored a goal. It was back and forth for a lot of the match. In the middle of the second half we scored a lot of goals and points and established a big lead. Then they started to come back and by the end of the second half we were winning by a point. The referee blew his whistle and it was all over. St Paul`s had won the finals by a single point. I felt delighted to go up to collect shield, but a bit nervous to making my speech!                                                                                                               Written by Seán Twyford


The Gaelic team and all of 6th class got on the bus and we drove to Páirc Tailteann in Navan. When we arrived the team got off the bus first and they went to the dressing rooms while the rest of us went up to the stands to wait. When the boys ran onto the field all of St. Paul’s cheered and screamed. Both teams spread out on the field to start the match. The referee threw the ball up and St. Paul’s got the ball. St. Paul’s scored again and again, but Duleek kept up. They scored again, but St. Paul’s wouldn’t give up. We got the ball back and the boys ran to the other goal and scored and scored again. We were in the lead. Everyone from St. Paul’s was shouted and chanting, watching the match eagerly. St. Paul’s scored more and more, but towards the end of the match Duleek got the ball, they weren’t going to give up without a fight. They scored again. We were still in the lead by two points. Duleek scored another point. Everyone from St. Paul’s watched wishing for St. Paul’s to win. Only a minute left….Duleek had the ball….They were charging towards our goal with the ball….Then the whistle blew. The match was over and we had won! We all felt overjoyed. St. Paul’s went wild. We all screamed and chanted as the boys ran across the pitch, victory theirs! The boys received the trophy as we all cheered and waved our flags and jumped with joy. We left the pitch chanting, all of us proud of St. Paul’s.                                               Written by Erin Leeson