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The boys and girls in Room 2 are in full bloom this Spring!! 🙂

They had a busy start to the month of March as they were making sure the animals were all well and healthy. They learned about animals and their babies and the different types of homes they live in. Lambing season also started where they made their own fluffy spring lambs!

They are all doing so well with their reading and writing this term! They love writing their own news and enjoy building word walls during writing stations. Going to the library is always welcomed as the boys and girls love finding new books to read and explore.

The recent sunny weather was the perfect time for lots of teddy bears to come to school!! The boys and girls had a wonderful day and really enjoyed having a picnic outside with their teddy bears! They loved singing the Teddy Bears’ Picnic song all day long!!

We celebrated Pancake Tuesday by hosting a pancake party in our classroom! We flipped AND dropped lots of pancakes but we had lots of fun while doing so! We decorated pancake pictures with our favourite toppings and we all enjoyed eating our pancakes with some sugar and lemon! Mmmmmmm 

Our Lenten promise is Room 2 is to focus on SHARING with our friends! We are all doing a wonderful job so far and it is lovely to see the boys and girls being so kind to their friends! 🙂 

St. Patrick’s Day brought with it lots of glas, bán agus oráiste!! The boys and girls arrived to school in beautiful green hats, dresses and accessories!! We read “Pete’s Rainbow” where we learned about the colours of the rainbow and what magical surprises can be found at the end of it!!! We had our own St. Patrick’s parade in our classroom where we marched to lots of Irish music!

Stay tuned for more to come in Room 2!! 🙂