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What an exciting few months it has been in Room 1 so far! Between settling into school, making new friends, learning loads and of course, having lots of fun, we sure have been a busy bunch here in Junior Infants. Have a look at some of the exciting things we have got up to these past number of months.


Playtime really has been a blast in Junior Infants so far. We have built castles with lego and big blocks, have run an entire town through Small World, cooked up some delicious meals with Play Dough, become puzzle-masters with jigsaws and have transformed our playhouse into a woodland, fancy-dress shop, doctor’s surgery, Santa’s Workshop, a supermarket and a farm! See for yourself in the pictures.


We have become quite the artists here in room 1. Check out some of our masterpieces. 


Maths Stations

We are really enjoying learning all about shape, space and number. Learning is even more fun when we move from station to station- it sometimes even feels like playtime! Our Maths skills are really put to the test when we use Numicon, especially when there are games involved. 

Other Activities

Of course, the learning didn’t stop at playtime, art and Maths. Have a look at all the other exciting activities we got up to!