As part of Book Week and Multicultural Week, the children of 6th class (room 22) worked in groups to create projects based on Chile. They worked in groups of five or six; each choosing a different topic to research. During class time the children discussed their topics and how they would present their projects. The children then worked cooperatively to put their projects together. Each group presented their projects to the class. Well done on all your hard work; the projects were fantastic.

To help us learn more about life in Chile we invited Paola White into our classroom to hear first hand what growing up in Chile was really like. We prepared questions to ask Paola during her visit. Paola brought in some lovely pieces from Chile which can be seen in one of our pictures. Thank you Paola for giving up your time to tell us of your experiences of Chile. We really enjoyed your visit and learned so much. One day we may be lucky enough to visit Chile.