It has been a very busy last term in Junior Infants. The boys and girls in room 2 have been involved in lots of fun and interesting activities. We welcomed the new spring lambs during the month of March and learned all about St. Patrick! Our inner scientist was unleashed as we observed three little tadpoles and listened to the story of the life cycle of the frog. We set up our own Fire Station and it was a busy month for taking emergency calls and getting equipment ready in case our fire fighters needed to go out on a call. We all remember the emergency number 999 or 112!

We have all been making a big effort at bringing in healthy lunches and we really enjoyed our school sponsored walk! We welcomed the month of May by setting up a May Altar for Holy Mary. We all brought in lovely fresh flowers and said a special prayer each day for the month of May. We then put back on our lab coats and delved into the world of magnetism! We had lots of fun exploring how magnets work. We were surprised to learn that magnets even work through some materials, like paper.

We had been working so hard so we decided to set up our own airport and jet off on some amazing adventures. We made our own passports and cut out different pictures to pack our suitcases. We mapped out lots of different journeys and learned about the many ways to travel – on land, by sea and in the air. We all thought long and hard about what we wanted to do on our summer holidays, so we made bucket lists and wrote down three things that we really wanted to do! Playing with our friends and going for ice cream was a popular hit!!

Then there was ACTIVE WEEK!! What an enjoyable few days were had by all! From bursting water bombs and filling pipes to three-legged races and orienteering, we were all in high spirits going home on Friday afternoon! And last but certainly not least — our school tour to Newbridge Farm! We had a fun-filled day where we started out at the playground, then explored the animals on the farm and ended it with a lovely picnic by the apple trees!

I would like to thank all of the wonderful parents, grandparents and everyone else who supported their children in their first year of school. It has been such an enjoyable and rewarding year for me as teacher and I will miss the boys and girls so much next year! Well done to each and every one of them for the hard work they have put in. I hope you all have a very safe and happy Summer holiday!!

Ms. Ruane