First class are taking part in Maths Blast three days a week. Maths Blast is a maths programme focusing on the Number strand of the Maths curriculum. The children work at four different stations: Number Words and Numerals, Early Counting and Addition, Structuring Numbers 1-10 and Advanced Counting, Addition and Subtraction. The stations boost children’s confidence and ability in working with number through interactive and fun activities. Ms Brennan, Ms Moore and Mr Smith along with Ms McMahon, Ms Ní Mhurchú and Ms Curtin have been busy implementing this programme. It is hoped that this programme will help the children in in achieving their potential across the Maths curriculum. Eliana from Mr Smith’s class says’ I like it because it’s fun and we get to learn stuff.’ Mark from Ms Brennan’s class says ‘The maths games are really fun!’ and Ross from Ms. Moore’s class says ‘I like working in the small groups!’