We’ve had a very busy few weeks in Ms. O’Sullivan’s Junior Infants classroom. The boys and girls have settled very well into their new school and we are delighted to welcome them to St. Paul’s.

We have been on a Nature Walk and we spotted so many signs of Autumn. Following on from that many children collected leaves, conkers, acorns,berries and cones while out for walks with their Mammy and Daddy and brought them in for our nature table. There is a real Autumnal feel to our classroom now. We are becoming experts on hedgehogs and squirrels. We know that a squirrel lives in a drey, a baby squirrel is called a kit and red squirrels have long tufts coming out of their ears. Hedgehogs curl up into a ball and stick their spikes out when they get frightened!

We’ve been having so much fun at our Aistear stations and we have learned so many new words that we use when we are playing. Our theme is Autumn so we are busy harvesting grain and vegetables, picking fruit and sweeping leaves, some birds are getting ready to migrate while other animals are preparing for hibernation.

We read a story ‘Elmar the Elephant’ which we really enjoyed and then we coloured patchwork animals inspired by this story. Everyone coloured so carefully and we tried really hard to stay inside the lines. We are very proud of our work which is dispalyed outside our classroom door.