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The children in 4th and 5th classes have been participating in the the Lego Explore Superpowered Programme over the last few months. This programme aims to inspire learners to experiment and to develop their critical thinking and design skills through hands-on STEM learning activities. The children were tasked with identifying issues and designing solutions to create a better energy journey for their community with regard to energy sources, energy distribution and energy usage.

We had a very successful and enjoyable day out at the showcase event in DCU. The children did an amazing job demonstrating and presenting their projects and we were extremely proud of them. It was great to see everyone’s hard work come to fruition. The children then hosted their own showcase back at the school for all our students to see their amazing work.

A special thank you must go to all the staff in 4th and 5th classes who put in a huge effort with their groups over the last few weeks and months.