We have had a very busy month this November as the boys and girls in room 2 took on the role of doctors and nurses. The cold winter weather brought about lots of colds, headaches, tummy pains and even broken arms, but luckily we had some doctors to help the patients get better.

Below are some of the activities we all took part in throughout the month:

The boys and girls built a hospital with two storeys and a car park for all of the staff and visitors. They created a small world with doctors, surgeons, nurses and patients.

During sand play, the boys and girls were filling containers and tubes and making sure the patients were given the correct medicine. We also made our own X-rays of the hand, legs and the whole body.

The doctor often prescribes medicine to make patients better again so we made some healthy food and medicine using Play Doh. We all wanted to make ice cream to help soothe a sore throat!

We all like to get cards and flowers so we wrote Get Well Soon cards and decorated them with pretty flowers and gave them to the patients who weren’t feeling too well.

The doctor needs a first aid kit so we were busy cutting out all of the equipment needed to make patients better. We learned lots of new words like stethoscope, thermometer, prescriptions and many more.

The receptionist was busy taking appointments and showing patients to the waiting room in the Doctor Surgery. The doctors and nurses were examining patients, prescribing medicine and giving out prescriptions. We even used a real stethoscope to listen to for a heartbeat!! We all enjoyed that part!! The doctors took X-rays and bandaged up lots of broken arms!

The junior doctors were on call for the whole month of November so they will need a good rest next week!