On November 8th, five engineers from Intel came to St Paul’s to judge the Intel Mini Scientist competition. Four classes had entered- Ms Broderick’s 4th, Mr Duffy’s 4th, Ms Tully’s 4th and Mr Harte’s 6th. Over the last couple of weeks, the children worked in groups conducting an experiment of their choosing. Plenty of research and hard work went into investigating and conducting the experiments, gathering the materials and creating a written submission for the judges to see. The judges had a tough decision to make! There were prizes for first and second place. Michael Ward, Ben Cunningham, Lucy Cameron and Amber Lane from Mr Duffy’s class came in second place with their experiment ‘The Balloon Powered Car’. Melissa Connolly, Ella Newman, Jessica Callan Smith and Deividas Matijosaitis from Ms Tully’s class came in first place with their experiment ‘Cloud in a Jar’. The first place team will now go to the Intel offices in Leixlip to compete in the next round of the competition. We wish them all the best of luck! A huge amount of work was put in to this competition by the children and their efforts were rewarded with a goodie bag and certificate from Intel. Well done to everyone involved!