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We had another great Health Promoting School Week in St. Paul’s this year! We started each day off with a Drop in Dance Class before school which certainly got the heart rates going and put lots of smiles on children’s faces. There were lots of activities over the week for classes, including yoga, meditation, healthy cooking, sharing our happy thoughts and our hugely successful Brushathon. All of the children and their families were asked to brush their teeth on Tuesday the 12th of February at 8pm, so as to try and get as many people as possible brushing their teeth at the same time. Have a look at some of the selfie pictures that were sent in! 

On Valentine’s Day a child in each class was randomly picked to “spread the love” by giving as many compliments as possible to different people over the day. It costs nothing to give a compliment and it always guaranteed to make someone happy! The HPS committee were also busy delivering daffodils to members of staff as a random act of kindness.    

Have a look at the pictures below to see how great a week it was!