Yesterday we were so lucky to have Yvonne from Hedgehog Rescue Dublin come visit all of the third classes. She brought in two lovely hedgehogs called Marcus and Peadar. Peadar is 4 years old and is also known as ‘Peadar Súil Amháin’ because he lost his sight in one of his eyes after a car accident. Marcus is 14 weeks old. Sadly he was poisoned after eating slug pellets. However, he is back to full health from the care Yvonne has provided for him. Yvonne reminded us never to use slug pellets in our gardens because they are harmful to animals. Peadar got passed around to each and every one of us so that we could all pet him. We all really enjoyed this 🙂 Yvonne taught us lots of new and interesting facts about hedgehogs. If you didn’t already know, hedgehogs are not in fact spiky to touch at all! The Normans were the first people to bring hedgehogs to Ireland. Hedgehogs are slowly becoming extinct so we need to be mindful of them 🙂 It was a fantastic experience meeting real life hedgehogs.