Mean Old Witch

I’m a mean old witch with a hat!

And I ride on a broom with my cat!

And my shoes are pointed,

And my chin is too,

And you better watch out,

Cause I might Scare you!

I’m a mean old witch with a hat!

The boys and girls in room 2 have made some spoooktacular  witches this week. They were busy painting green faces and black hats before they drew on their own witch’s eyes and pointy noses. We read and acted out the poem “Mean Old Witch”. I heard lots of cackles eeeheheehe eeeheheehe 

We were busy with our “froggy fingers” colouring and cutting out pumpkins. Sometimes the scissors can be tricky to hold and to cut things out but we are getting much better!! 🙂 

Junior Infants will also be performing at their first assembly this week. They have learned a lovely song about an cailleach agus an púca ag ithe úll beag buí!! We can’t wait to sing all of our songs and poems!!