We had a very busy day in St. Paul’s last Friday as we had lots of Grandparents visit us for Grandparents’ Day. The day started off with a mass for Grandparents in the Church where Third Class sang beautifully in the choir. Grandparents were then invited back to the school for tea and coffee and were treated to some lovely performances from Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Class. Our visitors were then free to wander the school and pop into their Grandchild’s class for a chat. The children really enjoyed their visits and had lots of fun with their Grandparents including playing games, colouring, reading books, interviewing their Grandparents, singing songs and we even had one Grandfather who sang a song to the class! The whole school community really enjoyed the day and everyone left school last Friday with big smiles on their faces! Thank you to everyone involved for making it such a wonderful day.