In Science, we investigated seeing sounds, feeling sounds and making sounds. The four activities the children carried out proved that sound can travel in vibrations through air or other media. Below is a summary of what was involved in each activity.

Seeing Sound – The children covered an empty bowl with cling film and placed some dry rice on top of the cling film. The children took turns to tap the cling film. The stronger the tap, the higher the rice jumped.

Feeling sound – The children worked in pairs. One child tapped a pattern on the table while the other child had to listen. The children discovered that it was easier to hear the louder patterns than the quieter patterns through a table.

Making sounds –

  1. The children worked in pairs to practice making sounds using a straw. The pitch of the notes varied from high to low when the straw was bent at different positions when the children blew into it.
  2. For this experiment, the children blew up a balloon and practiced releasing the air quickly and slowly. The children identified the difference in the sound that was made by doing this.