Our super scientists in Room 2 were investigating what happens to raisins when placed in a fizzy drink. We guessed what we thought might happen…some boys and girls thought the raisins would float, others thought they would sink. We set up our experiment using raisins, water, 7Up and a big bowl.

  • First we put the raisins into a bowl of water…..they sank to the bottom and stayed there (not very exciting!!)
  • Next we put the raisins into a bowl of fizzy 7Up….they also sank to the bottom BUT then they began to move up and down in the bowl as if they were dancing!! (Very exciting to watch!!)
  • We wrote about our experiment and drew pictures of what happened before and after the raisins went into the 7Up.
  • We demonstrated our experiment to some of the boys and girls in room 1.

So, WHY did this happen??

Fizzy drinks are fizzy because they have carbon dioxide in them (it makes the bubbles when we shake a fizzy drink). The bubbles stick to the raisins at the bottom and they get bigger and move upwards, some of the bubbles pop at the top and the raisins sink again.

There you have it….Dancing Raisins!!