Room 2 had a very exciting Wednesday last week as they were having a Baking Day!!

What was on the menu? Delicious sweet, chocolaty, soft and crunchy ROCKY ROAD!!

We all had our own jobs to do – the chocolate group had to break up all of the sweet chocolate into pieces, the smarties group had to open all of the boxes and mix them into the bowl, the marshmallow group had to separate all of the soft, sticky marshmallows and the biscuit group had to crush all of the crunchy biscuits with a spoon.

Ms. Ruane carefully melted the chocolate in a big bowl and we all took turns adding in the delicious ingredients. We stirred them all together with a large wooden spoon! We placed the rocky road mixture on two trays and sprinkled the top with marshmallows! Yum!! We all wanted to eat it straight away but we had to leave it set in the fridge for about two hours. We all had fun baking and devouring our scrumptious Rocky Road biscuits!! 🙂

The boys and girls in Room 2 said their favourite part of baking was mixing all of the ingredients together, and of course eating it all up!!!

What is your favourite part of baking?