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The boys and girls in Room 2 put their baking skills to the test last week! We set up our ingredients in the kitchen and followed our step by step recipe to make some delicious Rocky Road biscuit cakes! We broke up the chocolate, separated the marshmallows, crushed the biscuits, melted the chocolate and prepared the bun cases. We all enjoyed stirring the mixture and we resisted the urge to lick the chocolatey spoon!! We were happy boys and girls going home that day!! 🙂 

Alongside making Rocky Road cakes, we made our own homemade butter!! We were learning about how we can get milk from cows and we made a list of the different dairy products that are made using milk. We poured some fresh cream into an empty jam jar, closed the lid and we shook shook shook!!! We kept watching the cream as we were shaking and after a little while, we noticed that it began to turn more yellow, it started to thicken up and eventually a lump of butter was formed! The liquid part left over was the buttermilk! We spread the delicious creamy butter on some rice cakes and enjoyed the fruits of our hard work!