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Written by Max Brady, 5th Class, Room 19

Recently our class filled our star chart and the majority of the class voted for baking as a reward. Since Ms Conroy wanted to stay on theme with Chinese New Year, we made pig-muffins, because its year of the pig. Ms Conroy let us pick two jobs out of a jar, and whatever it said, that’s what we had to do to help. My two jobs were bringing the plates upstairs and helping to mix the icing. I didn’t get to mix the icing until later because we had to wait for the buns to cool down or else the icing would melt. Ms Conroy gave us Chinese New Year word searches to do while we were waiting for our turn to help make them. It was annoying having to wait until they cooled down as it took a while. They were sitting at the back of the classroom and they looked delicious, even without any of the toppings! At the end of the day, a few people [including me] were called down to make the icing while everyone else was working on their art. Teacher then called people down in fours to decorate their buns. I saved my bun until I got home and I think it was worth the wait as the pig-muffins were delicious. I would recommend them to anyone and would love to make these buns again.

“As good as chocolate cake” – Me