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Fabulous Final Term!

How the year has flown by and what a way to end it! Our final term in Junior Infants was the best yet. Between Active Week, GAA sessions, baking, our school tour and of course, lots of play and learning, we really have had a blast! See for yourself from the pictures below.

I had so much fun with Room 1 and will miss them loads next year. I wish them all the best for Senior Infants and hope they have a wonderful, fun-filled Summer- they certainly deserve it!

-Ms. Melvin 🙂 


March Madness!

What a magnificent March we just had in Room. 1! Between Pancake Tuesday, Seachtain na Gaeilge, St. Patrick’s Day and of course, Mother’s Day, we sure have been busy learning about and preparing for these exciting occasions. They do only come once a year after all!

We’ve also had a lot of fun with our ‘Cinema’ theme this month as we talked about and drew pictures of our favourite movies, built cinemas with lego and even pretended we were at the Cinema during playtime. See what we got up to for yourself in the pictures below. 


SPRING into Room 2!!

The boys and girls in Room 2 are in full bloom this Spring!! 🙂

They had a busy start to the month of March as they were making sure the animals were all well and healthy. They learned about animals and their babies and the different types of homes they live in. Lambing season also started where they made their own fluffy spring lambs!

They are all doing so well with their reading and writing this term! They love writing their own news and enjoy building word walls during writing stations. Going to the library is always welcomed as the boys and girls love finding new books to read and explore.

The recent sunny weather was the perfect time for lots of teddy bears to come to school!! The boys and girls had a wonderful day and really enjoyed having a picnic outside with their teddy bears! They loved singing the Teddy Bears’ Picnic song all day long!!

We celebrated Pancake Tuesday by hosting a pancake party in our classroom! We flipped AND dropped lots of pancakes but we had lots of fun while doing so! We decorated pancake pictures with our favourite toppings and we all enjoyed eating our pancakes with some sugar and lemon! Mmmmmmm 

Our Lenten promise is Room 2 is to focus on SHARING with our friends! We are all doing a wonderful job so far and it is lovely to see the boys and girls being so kind to their friends! 🙂 

St. Patrick’s Day brought with it lots of glas, bán agus oráiste!! The boys and girls arrived to school in beautiful green hats, dresses and accessories!! We read “Pete’s Rainbow” where we learned about the colours of the rainbow and what magical surprises can be found at the end of it!!! We had our own St. Patrick’s parade in our classroom where we marched to lots of Irish music!

Stay tuned for more to come in Room 2!! 🙂 

So far in Junior Infants…

What an exciting few months it has been in Room 1 so far! Between settling into school, making new friends, learning loads and of course, having lots of fun, we sure have been a busy bunch here in Junior Infants. Have a look at some of the exciting things we have got up to these past number of months.


Playtime really has been a blast in Junior Infants so far. We have built castles with lego and big blocks, have run an entire town through Small World, cooked up some delicious meals with Play Dough, become puzzle-masters with jigsaws and have transformed our playhouse into a woodland, fancy-dress shop, doctor’s surgery, Santa’s Workshop, a supermarket and a farm! See for yourself in the pictures.


We have become quite the artists here in room 1. Check out some of our masterpieces. 


Maths Stations

We are really enjoying learning all about shape, space and number. Learning is even more fun when we move from station to station- it sometimes even feels like playtime! Our Maths skills are really put to the test when we use Numicon, especially when there are games involved. 

Other Activities

Of course, the learning didn’t stop at playtime, art and Maths. Have a look at all the other exciting activities we got up to!

Love is in the Air!


Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone from all the boys and girls in Room 2! Spread the love and kindness this week! 🙂 xoxo


A fun-filled February!

The boys and girls in Room 2 are enjoying the start of a new season – we have been doing lots of fun activities this February so far! 

We love Show and Tell on Fridays! We always enjoy bringing in something special from home to share with the class. We have seen lots of teddies, photographs, stretchy toys, GAA gear, dolls and even secret jewels and giant calculators….the list goes on!! We made funky fruit baskets during art time and we loved listening to the story of The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We wrote our own diary about the fruits the caterpillar ate! 🙂 

On the 1st of February, we celebrated St. Brigid’s Day. We loved learning about St. Brigid and how she helped the poor, the sore and the sick. Our teacher showed us how a St. Brigid’s cross is made and how we place it over our door to keep us safe. The story about St. Brigid’s colourful cloak was really special! We made some lovely art to honour St. Brigid! 🙂 

Cake Sale Day – It was a very happy Friday last week when the boys and girls went to the hall to buy some of the wonderfully delicious treats, cakes and bars that the sixth class children made. We all had happy cake filled faces that day!! 🙂 

Biscuit Baking and Butter Making!

The boys and girls in Room 2 put their baking skills to the test last week! We set up our ingredients in the kitchen and followed our step by step recipe to make some delicious Rocky Road biscuit cakes! We broke up the chocolate, separated the marshmallows, crushed the biscuits, melted the chocolate and prepared the bun cases. We all enjoyed stirring the mixture and we resisted the urge to lick the chocolatey spoon!! We were happy boys and girls going home that day!! 🙂 

Alongside making Rocky Road cakes, we made our own homemade butter!! We were learning about how we can get milk from cows and we made a list of the different dairy products that are made using milk. We poured some fresh cream into an empty jam jar, closed the lid and we shook shook shook!!! We kept watching the cream as we were shaking and after a little while, we noticed that it began to turn more yellow, it started to thicken up and eventually a lump of butter was formed! The liquid part left over was the buttermilk! We spread the delicious creamy butter on some rice cakes and enjoyed the fruits of our hard work!

Leinster House History Tour

The three sixth classes went to Leinster House and the National History Museum on Wednesday the 24th of January. We left the school early in the morning at around 9:30, it was a long bus ride to Dublin city centre and we arrived at around 10:30. We walked into Leinster House and left our bags in lockers and we went into a large gallery. Beneath us was the Dail where the Ministers were discussing Brexit and how it would affect Ireland. We watched for a while and then we were split into groups to go around the building

We were brought into a hallway and we were told the story of the Duke of Leinster who lived in the house first. We then went into was another room, the Seanad where we listened to more discussion. We moved on and we saw an original copy of the proclamation and we were told about the men who had signed it. After that we headed out to a large room where Thomas Byrne came in to answer some questions that some of us had. He was kind and answered all the questions we had. After that we went to the steps of the National History Museum and we ate our lunch.

After we finished our lunch we split into groups and we headed into the National Museum of Ireland. We received a booklet each to fill in as we went along. The booklet told us to find certain items in the Museum. Most of them were in the same room. Some of the items we had to find and write about were a Bronze Horn, the Ardagh Chalice, an arm-shaped shrine and the Tara Brooch. The booklet asked us questions about each item and we had to examine the items. Most of the items were in the Treasury exhibition. Each one looked old and they looked like they had a lot of history. We all really enjoyed both the Leinster House and the National History Museum. It was a great day out.
By Erin Leeson

A Terrific Term in Junior Infants!



Junior Infants had a wonderful first few weeks in school. We made lots of new friends and really enjoyed our play time topic “At School”. We worked with Lego, built schools, cut out shapes and got to play lots of different people in our school! We became little scientists when we were learning all about how our eyes work. Grandparents Day was a very special day in Junior Infants and we all loved showing our grandparents around our classroom. Well done Junior Infants!


We had a busy month in Room 2 as it was harvest season.  We collected leaves, brought in conkers and made some very prickly hedgehogs during art. We were introduced to the colourful characters of Numicon and we enjoyed exploring how the shapes work together to make different number stories. Yoga is something we all enjoy in Room 2. It’s a lovely way to relax after a busy week in school. We set up our own Fancy Dress Shop during play time and loved making castles and cauldrons and learning about Hallowe’en around the world. We also performed at our very first assembly – it was a spooktacular day!


We were very busy this month as we took on the role of doctors and nurses. We built hospitals, made healthy food, wrote cards and helped lots of patients get better. We really enjoyed a visit from a real doctor who told us all about the fantastic work she does at her surgery.  Book Week was lots of fun, especially when the very talented author, Benji Bennett came to talk and read to us. We have been doing an amazing job at learning all of our new sounds each week – we love blending them together to make new words. We also like the challenge of finding “tricky words” in our library books!


‘Tis the Season to be Jolly….. Our classroom has been transformed into the magical North Pole! We have set up Santa’s workshop where we are busy writing lists (and checking twice!!), making toys, wrapping gifts and delivering presents. We even built Santa’s sleigh using big lego and made Christmas puddings and glittery candles! Advent is a special time of year and we’re doing lots of things to get ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We are busy practicing for our Christmas Nativity Play and we can’t wait to perform it next week! Oh and not forgetting the special visitor that arrived in Room 2… Jingles our school elf!!

Keep an eye on our Junior Infant blog – we’ll be back with more updates soon!

From all the boys and girls in Room 2 🙂 

Maths and Science Week

Last week was Maths and Science Week. In Room 8, we loved not using our books and engaging in activities, be it in pairs or in groups. Have a look at the pictures to see just some of the things we got up to!

Amazing Artists!

When Ms. Burke’s class were asked what their favourite activity in Second Class has been so far, many responses were Art. And what amazing artists they are! Have a look at what room 8 have been doing in this subject since the start of September.

Singing up a Storm!

Each of the Third Classes have been very busy singing up a storm in the last few weeks. It was their turn to perform for assembly last week and they did a fantastic job. They sang two songs, one as gaeilge; ‘An maith leat Rock’n’Roll?’ and a song about friendship and camaraderie ‘Viva La Compagnie’.

Before our big performance we recorded our last practise. Have a listen and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Busy in S.E.S.E.

In Ms. Burke’s Second Class, the boys and girls have been very busy, in particular in the subjects of S.E.S.E. – History, Geography and Science.

In Science, we were investigating magnets. Our conclusion lesson involved Geography where the children drew maps of Ratoath. They used paper clips as cars. They then drove the car (paper clip) around Ratoath by using a magnet underneath their map.

In History, we were looking at games in the past so Ms. Burke brought in what she would have played as a child. There were 7 stations – foosball, rubber rings, memory, target, elastics, x’s and o’s and squares. Everyone in room 8 had so much fun, including Ms. Burke!! Have a look at the photographs showing these activities!