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Our Last Term in Room 2!


It has been a very busy last term in Junior Infants. The boys and girls in room 2 have been involved in lots of fun and interesting activities. We welcomed the new spring lambs during the month of March and learned all about St. Patrick! Our inner scientist was unleashed as we observed three little tadpoles and listened to the story of the life cycle of the frog. We set up our own Fire Station and it was a busy month for taking emergency calls and getting equipment ready in case our fire fighters needed to go out on a call. We all remember the emergency number 999 or 112!

We have all been making a big effort at bringing in healthy lunches and we really enjoyed our school sponsored walk! We welcomed the month of May by setting up a May Altar for Holy Mary. We all brought in lovely fresh flowers and said a special prayer each day for the month of May. We then put back on our lab coats and delved into the world of magnetism! We had lots of fun exploring how magnets work. We were surprised to learn that magnets even work through some materials, like paper.

We had been working so hard so we decided to set up our own airport and jet off on some amazing adventures. We made our own passports and cut out different pictures to pack our suitcases. We mapped out lots of different journeys and learned about the many ways to travel – on land, by sea and in the air. We all thought long and hard about what we wanted to do on our summer holidays, so we made bucket lists and wrote down three things that we really wanted to do! Playing with our friends and going for ice cream was a popular hit!!

Then there was ACTIVE WEEK!! What an enjoyable few days were had by all! From bursting water bombs and filling pipes to three-legged races and orienteering, we were all in high spirits going home on Friday afternoon! And last but certainly not least — our school tour to Newbridge Farm! We had a fun-filled day where we started out at the playground, then explored the animals on the farm and ended it with a lovely picnic by the apple trees!

I would like to thank all of the wonderful parents, grandparents and everyone else who supported their children in their first year of school. It has been such an enjoyable and rewarding year for me as teacher and I will miss the boys and girls so much next year! Well done to each and every one of them for the hard work they have put in. I hope you all have a very safe and happy Summer holiday!!

Ms. Ruane


Active Week 2018

Last week was Active Week and what a week it was! We had fantastic weather and more importantly we had so much fun. Statements like “This is the best week ever!” were heard on numerous occasions!! Thank you to The Active Committee and all the teachers involved in making the week such a success, in particular to Ms. Dennehy, Ms. McCarthy and Ms. Ward. Have a look at just some of the activities the kids were up to.

Active Week 2018

Next week is Active Week in the school. The children can wear their tracksuits every day and it might be a good idea to give them an extra drink. Please put suncream on your child and give them a hat.

On Thursday it’s “Wet Day” so please provide your child with a swimming hat. Your child should wear their own clothes in on this day and bring their tracksuit and a towel with them as they will get soaked and will need to change afterwards.

Each day the children can be collected at the normal time from the school. The only exception to this is for fourth, fifth and sixth classes on Tuesday, where they will need to be collected or walk home from the G.A.A. pitch in Ratoath.

We hope to have a wonderful week. Below are the events happening for each class level.

Junior and Senior Infants

  • Tuesday 5th June            Parachute Day
  • Wednesday 6th June      Fun Day
  • Thursday 7th June          Wet Day
  • Friday 8th June                Orienteering Day

First, Second and Third Classes

  • Tuesday 5th June            Water Safety Day
  • Wednesday 6th June      Athletics Day
  • Thursday 7th June          Wet Day
  • Friday 8th June                Orienteering Day

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes

  • Tuesday 5th June            GAA Day
  • Wednesday 6th June      Athletics Day
  • Thursday 7th June          Wet Day
  • Friday 8th June                Orienteering Day



Tayto Park

On Monday 29th of May, Rooms 25 and 26 received the opportunity to visit Tayto Park. The children were all so excited about our trip and we are so lucky to have such a fantastic amenity on our doorstep.

The weather was beautiful and the children had a fun-filled day. We went on lots of different rides, saw a huge variety of animals and also got to play in the playground.

We all had so much fun! Thank you so much to everyone in Tayto Park for a fantastic day!

St. Paul’s Abú!!

Best of luck to our Boys’ Senior Football Team who take on St. Declan’s N.S., Ashbourne in Páirc Tailteann, Navan in the Cummann na mBunscol Meath Division 1 Shield Final tomorrow, Saturday 26th May at 5.30pm. All support would be greatly appreciated on the day to cheer our boys on.

The Secret Garden comes to St. Paul’s!

The children from First Class to Sixth Class had a special treat today when they got to watch a performance of The Secret Garden. The Sixth Class children had a “back stage” session with the cast afterwards who gave them lots of inside information on the performance which has left them very excited for their own performance of Matilda in June!

Sponsored Walk and Run

Last Friday, the 27th of April, we had our annual sponsored walk and run. In the “run” up to this, the children have been working very hard on “The Eur-Run” challenge. Have a look below to see how each class level is progressing.

  • Junior Infants 59km
  • Senior Infants 299km
  • First Class 818km
  • Second Class 622km
  • Third Class 1356km
  • Fourth Class 1402km
  • Fifth Class 1562km
  • Sixth Class 925km

Each class will continue to reach their assigned destination by the end of the year.

For our sponsored walk and run, Junior Infants to Fourth Classes walked different routes around the village while Fifth and Sixth Classes headed up to Fairyhouse and ran the racecourse. The total distance of this racecourse is 2.7km. Below are the results from this run.

Fifth Classes

  • 1st  James Kelly 11.57
  • Joint 2nd  Cara O’Sullivan, Kate Raftery, Sarah Forde and Ciara Coroner 12.11

Sixth Classes

  • 1st: Lee Gallagher 11.43
  • 2nd: Liam Fraser 13.00
  • Joint 3rd: Hugh Kehoe and Jacob Mulcahy 13.10
  • 1st Girls home: Laura Kelly and Lily Nannery 13.15

Well done to everyone who took part. We had a great day! Thank you to the Parents’ Association who supplied each child with an apple and a bottle of water. Thank you also to the children and their families for gathering sponsorship money for our school.

The Eur-Run Challenge

As part of renewing our Active Flag this year, our school is accepting the challenge to “Run around Europe.” We are very excited about this and have named it the “Eur-Run.”

Each class level has a target destination. Have a look at the destinations and distance each class level will “run to” as a collective group. It will be an accumulation of the distance each child has run. The class teacher is monitoring the progress of his/her class on a record sheet. The distance completed by each class is also displayed on a banner outside their classroom door. Have a look at the progress the children have made so far.

Remember our Sponsored Walk for Junior Infants to Fourth Classes and a Sponsored Run for Fifth and Sixth Classes will take place this Friday, the 27th of April.

Spelling Bee 2018

Congratulations to Conor, in Fifth Class, who represented St. Paul’s in the Spelling Bee Meath county final.
Following a school based competition between all the children in Fifth and Sixth Class, Conor was the last student standing after spelling all of his words correctly. This meant Conor would represent St. Paul’s in the county final, which was held in our school. Conor had the support of his class in the PE hall  and did extremely well, getting to the second last round. Well done Conor!

Daffodil Day 2018

We are delighted to have raised €1,487 on Daffodil Day, which was donated directly to the Irish Cancer Society. Many thanks to everyone who donated money, and a special thank you to our Student Council who worked very hard selling pins, daffodils and raffle tickets on the day.

Easter Bunny Visit!

There was great excitement in school today when we had our annual visit from the Easter Bunny. He had lots of fun visiting all of the children and he even left a little treat for the children to find in an Easter Egg Hunt!

Kilmainham Gaol

Today, Ms Broderick’s class visited Kilmainham Gaol. Our tour started at the front gates of Kilmainham Gaol. Here we were met by our friendly guide called Lisa.

Lisa began the tour by bringing us to the chapel inside the gaol. Here she told us the captivating story of how Joseph Plunkett and Grace Gifford were married just hours before Joseph was executed due to his participation in the 1916 Rising.  Following this, we were led through the old and new parts of the gaol. As we walked through the gaol, we were able to experience a real feeling of what life was like for a prisoner in Kilmainham.  The cold and damp conditions the prisoners felt were evident due to the many windows and little or no heating in the prison. Our guide informed us that the prisoners mainly survived on porridge, bread and stew. She also told us that prisoners were kept in their cells for 23 hours per day and were only allowed one hour to exercise and empty their chamber pots!

When we reached the east wing of the gaol, many of the cells were open. There were many plaques stating the prisoners’ names that slept in these cells during the lifetime of the prison. Some of these were Joseph Plunkett, Eamon De Valera, Edward Daly and Countess Markievicz.  The children were fascinated to see the size of the cells.

Another famous cell inside the prison is that of Grace Gifford. She was imprisoned during the Civil War, after her husband’s death, for her promotion of Sinn Féin policies through her work as an artist. The cell in which she slept contains a painting of the The Blessed Virgin and the Christ Child.

Our tour ended in the Stonebreakers’ Yard. Our guide explained to us that it was in the Stonebreakers’ Yard that fourteen of the leaders of the 1916 Rising were executed in May 1916. Today this is commemorated by a plaque and two crosses in the yard.

St Paul’s Leinster Glory

Played in the National Indoor Arena, Blanchardstown, the boys and girls U-11 teams and the boys U-13 team represented Meath in the Leinster Finals. Our U-11 girls were first into action. Playing with great determination and no little skill, they defeated Corduff NS in the semi-final 4-2. This set up a contest with Rush NS, Dublin in the final. The girls rushed into an early lead, one which held all the way to the end and were crowned Champions of Leinster with a victory of 5-2. The U-11 boys also faced Dublin opposition in the form of St. Attracta’s NS where the boys raced to a 6-0 victory. Spirits were high and with the U-11 Girls having achieved Leinster glory the boys were determined to bring home the second gold of the day. The boys were pitted against a very strong Rush NS team in the final. This was a thrilling contest where both teams faced a flurry of attacks displaying great skill and determination. Our boys responded brilliantly and claimed a well-deserved victory with a final score of 7-5. Next up was our U13 Boys with an encounter against Rush NS, Dublin in the semi-final. This game was a very close affair, with our boys matching their talented opponents. While the boys were narrowly defeated on a score line of 7-5, they can hold their heads high. The boys bounced back from their semi-final defeat to beat St Attracta’s NS in the playoff following an intense game which resulted in extra time to separate the two teams. However, our boys responded brilliantly and claimed a well-earned 3rd place in Leinster with a 6-5 victory. It was a proud moment as all the St Paul’s teams were presented with their winning shields and medals.

Art Exhibition

The PE Hall was transformed into a colourful art exhibition last week! Well done to all of the boys and girls who produced such wonderful pictures! There was lots of variety in the pictures, ranging from unicorns to flowers to football matches to portraits to animals and much more! The children, staff and parents really enjoyed the opportunity to come and visit the PE hall and view everyone’s art work! Thank you to our Parents’ Association for providing tea and coffee on the Wednesday night.

Debating Team Success

On Wednesday 24th January, St Paul’s NS competed against Mullaghbuoy NS, Dundalk to debate the motion “Ireland is the best country to live”. The children of St Paul’s NS proposed the motion while the visiting team opposed it. Both schools were represented by six students from 5th and 6th classes. The six students who represented St Paul’s were Cormac as Captain, Hannah as second speaker, Oscar as third speaker while Shaun, Sarah and Isabel acted as time keepers on the day. As Captain, Cormac introduced the other speakers and outlined what they would be talking about. He himself spoke passionately about the culture, mythology and importance of the Irish language. The second speaker, Hannah, referred to the advantages of our climate, our geographical location and the validity of having English. She also highlighted the OECD results on how happy Irish people are in the world. The third speaker, Oscar, presented facts on the tourist industry and the success of the Irish food industry and how many Irish products are being sold world-wide. There was a lot of whip lashing from the opposition team as facts about the health crisis, employment figures, crime rates and the impact of the recession on Ireland were emphasised. However, after a long conference, the adjudicators announced St Paul’s NS as the winners. The proposition arguments carried the motion that “Ireland is the best country in the world to live”. The debating team will take part in the semi-final of the competition on Tuesday, February 27th against St Kevin’s GNS, Kilnamanagh, Dublin. They will be debating the motion “Boys’ or Girls’ schools are better than Mixed Schools”. Fingers crossed they will succeed in the next round.

6th Class Test for Starch!

Hi all!

As part of the Discovery Science project, Room 22 completed an experiment testing a variety of materials for starch. We had a lot of fun participating in this experiment. Firstly we found out what starch is. We then placed a variety of items onto paper plates. We mixed some iodine solution with water. The children recorded their predications in their Science copy before carrying out the tests. Some lucky children had the opportunity to test the materials for starch. If starch was present the item would turn a blue/black colour. If starch wasn’t present the iodine would remain the orange/brown colour. The children then recorded the results in their Science Copy and drew corresponding pictures.

Room 22, Sixth Class.

U11’s are County Champions!!

All four of our Olympic Handball Teams qualified for the Meath County Finals in Gormanstown College last Tuesday 13th February. The teams have been working hard, training twice a week in preparation for these games. Their hard work and dedication paid off with each team winning a Meath County Medal. Each team had to play a semi-final match in Gormanstown College to make it to the Finals.

The U11 Girls got the school off to a winning start playing a fantastic semi-final and beating Yellow Furze NS to secure their place in the final. A thrilling encounter followed in the final against Skryne NS where after full time it was a drawn match which resulted in extra time. Both teams gave it everything which saw both sides score wonderful goals and extra time ended level again. It was then decided that both team would play for Golden Goal and St. Paul’s were lucky to get The Golden Goal and be crowned Champions of Meath.

The U11 Boys continued the winning steak by sealing their place in the final by a win over Skryne NS in the semi -final. The boys had a tough task ahead of them meeting Yellow Furze NS in the final. However, the boys team showed great determination and skill to win the match and be crowned Champions of Meath.

The U13 Girls Team played a fantastic, high energy semi-final against Yellow Furze NS displaying great skills but were unlucky to lose 3-2 in the last minute of the match. However, the girls picked themselves up and played excellently against Robinstown to win and come 3rd place in Meath-a great result.

The U13 Boys Team played a fantastic semi-final against Wilkinstown NS to secure a place in the final. The boys then had to take on Yellow Furze NS in the final. The boys showed great skill and determination but were unsuccessful against a very strong Yellow Furze Team. The boys finished 2nd in Meath- Well done Boys!

The U11 Boys and Girls Olympic Handball Teams and the Senior Boys Olympic Handball Team have all made it through to the Leinster Finals coming up on the 26th February at the National Indoor Arena in Blanchardstown. We are all very proud of the children of St. Paul’s NS for how they perform and represent the school at all the events. A very big ‘Thank You’ to all the teachers who give up their time to train the teams throughout the year. We wish all three teams continued success as they continue on their Olympic Handball Jouney.

Fifth Class Update

Ms O’Reilly, Ms Ní Mhurchú and Ms Broderick would like to wish you all a very happy New Year!!! We have been extremely busy since we started back. But to keep you up to date with what has been going on in our classrooms we have chosen a selection of our displays to show off our great talents. In Gaeilge, we have been exploring the theme of An Aimsir, while in Geography we studied all about Europe and the European Union. In Maths, we created pie charts to represent the data that we collected. In Art, we focused on drawing and painting, whereby the children had to extend an image. We also covered the theme of Winter by writing narrative stories and painting Winter scenes. We are looking forward to the busy term ahead!😁

Good Vibrations in Ms. Broderick’s Class!

In Science, we investigated seeing sounds, feeling sounds and making sounds. The four activities the children carried out proved that sound can travel in vibrations through air or other media. Below is a summary of what was involved in each activity.

Seeing Sound – The children covered an empty bowl with cling film and placed some dry rice on top of the cling film. The children took turns to tap the cling film. The stronger the tap, the higher the rice jumped.

Feeling sound – The children worked in pairs. One child tapped a pattern on the table while the other child had to listen. The children discovered that it was easier to hear the louder patterns than the quieter patterns through a table.

Making sounds –

  1. The children worked in pairs to practice making sounds using a straw. The pitch of the notes varied from high to low when the straw was bent at different positions when the children blew into it.
  2. For this experiment, the children blew up a balloon and practiced releasing the air quickly and slowly. The children identified the difference in the sound that was made by doing this.

Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday is one of our favourite days here in Room 25. We love discovering the different toppings we can put on our pancakes!

This year we put chocolate spread, sugar, lemon and strawberries on top of our pancakes.

They were delicious!

Health Promoting Schools Week

We had a fantastic week in Room 25 celebrating Health Promoting Schools week. We took part in lots of activities such as circuit training, cooking, yoga and learnt all about how to live a healthy lifestyle. We also made fruit bugs using oranges, blueberries, apples and grapes.

Well done to the Health Promoting School Team for organising a great week.

Dancing Raisins

Our super scientists in Room 2 were investigating what happens to raisins when placed in a fizzy drink. We guessed what we thought might happen…some boys and girls thought the raisins would float, others thought they would sink. We set up our experiment using raisins, water, 7Up and a big bowl.

  • First we put the raisins into a bowl of water…..they sank to the bottom and stayed there (not very exciting!!)
  • Next we put the raisins into a bowl of fizzy 7Up….they also sank to the bottom BUT then they began to move up and down in the bowl as if they were dancing!! (Very exciting to watch!!)
  • We wrote about our experiment and drew pictures of what happened before and after the raisins went into the 7Up.
  • We demonstrated our experiment to some of the boys and girls in room 1.

So, WHY did this happen??

Fizzy drinks are fizzy because they have carbon dioxide in them (it makes the bubbles when we shake a fizzy drink). The bubbles stick to the raisins at the bottom and they get bigger and move upwards, some of the bubbles pop at the top and the raisins sink again.

There you have it….Dancing Raisins!! 



Terrific Transport Projects in Third Class!

Room 12 went to massive efforts at home with their parents to make transport vehicles out of recycled materials. They spent the month of January learning about different types of popular transport nowadays in Geography, and about transport methods in the past in History.

From tractors to ice cream vans, tandem bikes and UFO’s, battleships and cruise ships, hot air balloons and Tesco delivery vans, rockets and blimps – their projects were really amazing and their teacher is so proud!

Rocket Launch

Hi all!

As part of the Discovery Science project, Room 20 completed an experiment called Rocket Launch. We had a lot of fun participating in this experiment. First, our teacher divided us into groups. In our groups we had to blow into a balloon five times. Then we had to stand on a line with our arm outstretched and let go of the balloon. We used measuring sticks to measure how far the balloon travelled (some went a lot further than others!!). We repeated this twice and got the average distance the two balloons travelled. Some lucky people got to take their balloons home with them! Some children were chosen to create a bar chart representing the information the class gathered during the experiment. We had lots of fun and we hope we do well.

Room 20, Fifth Class.

Design a Bridge

The children in Ms Ní Mhurchú’s class have been very busy designing bridges. We used paper to begin with, and placed counters on the paper until the bridge collapsed. Following this we changed the paper shape, i.e. folded it, created an arch etc. We wanted to see if these types of structures made the bridge stronger. Check out the pictures below!


A Busy January in Junior Infants!

The boys and girls in Room 2 have welcomed the New Year with a great smile! They started off the month with “The Supermarket” as their playtime topic and have been enjoying many different activities such as building the aisles in the supermarket, acting out the roles of shopkeeper, customers, suppliers and bag packers, making lots of healthy food out of play dough and creating their own small village, just like Ratoath!

We had a big discussion about healthy eating and keeping fit for the New Year! After reading the book “Grow Your Own” we learned that fruits and vegetables help us to fight away colds, build strong muscles, protect our eyes and give us lots of energy! We also made a picture sequence about “The Story of Milk” and how we get milk from the cows to the supermarket shelves. The farmers have busy jobs to get all of those cows milked!

New Year, New Activities – we have started doing writing stations during English time. We practised our new letter on our big sheets, we made the letter formation using pegs, we read sentences to find the matching picture, we played snap using our Tricky Words, we wrote words and sentences on the whiteboards and we traced the letters in the sand! Writing stations were so much fun it even felt like playtime!!

We have been learning all about the number 3 this week as well. During Numicon we made the formation of the number and built towers of 3. We searched for the shape in the Numicon Feely Bag and we found lots of different combinations such as 2 + 1 makes 3 and 3 + 0 makes 3! Some boys and girls have 3 people in their family, others have the number 3 on their house and one child has 3 dogs!! 

The boys and girls have also brought in lots of funky fruits as part of being a Healthy School. Keep up the good work Junior Infants! 🙂

Funky Fruit Friday!

The Health Promoting School Team had our first ‘Funky Fruit Friday’ last Friday on January 12th. We are encouraging everyone in the school to bring in some fruit on a Friday that they wouldn’t normally eat. It’s all about trying something new, different and a little bit funky. On Friday we saw so many different types of fruit such as coconut, pineapple, blueberries, figs, kiwi and cherries. Some people even funked up their fruit by cutting it into unusual shapes, we even had a Mexican apple!

There are so many different ways of making fruit fun and funky, we are so excited about ‘Funky Fruit Friday’ and we can’t wait to see more every Friday in St. Paul’s.

The Health Promoting Schools Committee.

Hand Washing Germ Busters!

The children in Second, Third and Fourth Class were very lucky to have a visit from Nurse Kerry Wardick, who spoke to them about the importance of hand washing. Kerry had some very interesting facts for the children and we were shocked to hear that 50% of males and 25% of females don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet! Kerry reminded the children of when we should be washing our hands and how we should be doing it. The children used a UV box to compare how clean their hands were before and after washing – the results were amazing! As a result of Kerry’s visit the children and staff are on a mission to keep our hands clean and stop any germs from spreading. Thank you for the visit Kerry!

Amazing Artists!

In Room 8, the boys and girls have created beautiful pieces of art over the months of November and December. Just before the Hallowe’en break, they had begun reading The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark and completed Plop (the main character) fascinated by fireworks.

First up in November though, they made colourful emoji inspired faces. The whole class loved this activity! Next, they created beautiful swans. They had read The Children of Lir in History and discovered how Aoife turned Lir’s four children into swans. Then, they were learning about 2-D shapes and so they made shape faces in Maths. After this, they moved on to constructing snowmen using clay. They were very excited to work with the clay. They completed steps on how to build a snowman in English after. Finally, they created fabulous Christmas cards and if you are lucky to receive it, there’s a splendid artistic surprise inside!

Christmas Fair

St. Paul’s held our annual Christmas Fair on the 3rd of December. As always, it was a huge success and we raised in excess of €12,000 for the school. A huge thank you to our fantastic Parents’ Association for organising the event and to all the families who came to support it.

Hedgehog Rescue Dublin Visit Room 11

On Wednesday the 16th of December Yvonne Mc Cann, founder of the Hedgehog Rescue Centre Dublin came in to pay all the boys and girls of room 11 a visit. She came in to tell us about all the great work she has been doing rescuing and treating sick hedgehogs until they are better and ready to be returned to the wild.

She discussed the importance of nature and conservation with us and brought in two very special guests to see us…. two hedgehogs. One named Peader Ó Suilleabháin and a little baby hedgehog Marcus.

Every child got a chance to pet the hedgehogs and to ask questions about them and Yvonne’s work. We had such a brilliant time. Below are some pictures of our experience.

Big thank you to all the parents that donated a euro for the rescue centre. Greatly appreciated 🙂

Forty Eight Hampers for the St. Vincent de Paul!

Many thanks to all the children and their parents who very kindly donated food items for our St. Vincent de Paul Hampers. We were able to make up 48 hampers in total, which will be collected this afternoon and distributed to families in the area before Christmas. Thank you!

Hedgehogs visit 3rd class

Yesterday we were so lucky to have Yvonne from Hedgehog Rescue Dublin come visit all of the third classes. She brought in two lovely hedgehogs called Marcus and Peadar. Peadar is 4 years old and is also known as ‘Peadar Súil Amháin’ because he lost his sight in one of his eyes after a car accident. Marcus is 14 weeks old. Sadly he was poisoned after eating slug pellets. However, he is back to full health from the care Yvonne has provided for him. Yvonne reminded us never to use slug pellets in our gardens because they are harmful to animals. Peadar got passed around to each and every one of us so that we could all pet him. We all really enjoyed this 🙂 Yvonne taught us lots of new and interesting facts about hedgehogs. If you didn’t already know, hedgehogs are not in fact spiky to touch at all! The Normans were the first people to bring hedgehogs to Ireland. Hedgehogs are slowly becoming extinct so we need to be mindful of them 🙂 It was a fantastic experience meeting real life hedgehogs.

Jingles comes to Room 12A 🙂

On Tuesday we had a wonderful surprise from Jingles! We had been waiting patiently for Jingles to arrive into our class. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we first saw the gold and red glitter scattered on the floor. Jingles lay on the floor surrounded by white fluffy flour!! Underneath him was a message that instantly caught our attention! It read ‘ Be good for Ms. Bates. Happy Christmas’. Jingles also held a balloon in his hand which said ‘Merry Christmas’. Ella then gave Jingles a Christmas card she had wrote for him. Later that afternoon we went outside to do P.E. When we came back to the room, Jingles was sitting next to our Christmas tree with Ella’s card in his hands! We loved having Jingles visit us. We hope he was impressed with all of our hard work 🙂

Mini 7’s Blitz

Our boys mini sevens Gaelic footballers recently took part in the local area blitz. Our boys defeated Coole NS and Ratoath SNS in our group stage. With only one team qualifying for the next round, the final game of the day was a winner takes all tie against Rathbeggan. Following an exciting and very close game of football our boys persevered and were rewarded by winning the game. As a result the boys qualified for the county final day in the Meath Centre of Excellence at Dunganny. Here the boys faced a very strong grouping. First the boys took on Gaelscoil na Boinne of Trim and came out victorious. The boys then had the task to take on Kilcloon NS. The boys played terrific football and led for most of the game. With a minute to go and a point down the boys never gave up. Unfortunately, having hit the crossbar in the final minute the boys were unlucky on this occasion and Kilcloon NS were one point winners. The boys did very well to make it to the finals day, being only the second St. Paul’s boys football team to do this. We are extremely proud of how the boys represented themselves and the school. Also a big ‘thank you’ to the boys of Sixth Class who were overage and came to our training sessions to give the mini sevens team a good training session. We look forward to starting up Football in the Spring again.

St Paul’s N.S. Olympic Handballers

Our boys and girls competed in round one of the Olympic Handball Meath League in Gormanstown College on the 20th November. All teams have been working hard, training twice a week in preparation for these games. Each team had to play a number of matches in Gormanstown College. All four teams are doing very well and will continue their plight to qualify for the semi-final stage of the competition. The next qualifying day is taking place in Gormanstown College in January. We wish them all the best in the latter stages of the competition.

Christmas has arrived in Room 25!

The boys and girls in Room 25 put the Christmas decorations up in their classroom this week. We are all very excited about Christmas and the boys and girls decorated the Christmas tree beautifully.

We even received a special video message from Santa!

Jingles the Elf is Back!

There was great excitement in school last Friday when we discovered that Jingles the Elf was back! He had sent us a post card earlier in the week letting us know that he was on his way, so we were all busy keeping an eye out for him. He has already been a little mischievous on his return by causing quite a mess with some toilet paper in the main lobby of the school! Hopefully he won’t get up to any more tricks!!

Jingles had a letter for us when he arrived which informed us that he will be reporting back to Santa on everything he sees! Fingers crossed that it will be all good things that he’ll be reporting back on!

Shoe Box Donations

Many thanks to all the families in the school who donated shoe boxes for our annual shoe box appeal. This year we collected 335 shoe boxes for Team Hope and 164 shoe boxes for the Dublin Inner City Homeless Appeal. Thank you!

Super Sight Word Detectives

Our sight word detectives in room 2 went undercover looking for sight words in their books. They had the challenge of choosing a book and looking for as many “I“, “the“, “he“, “she“, “me“, “we” and “be” words as they could find! Some detectives were very successful in locating the sneaky sight words! They can be tricky to find!! Well done junior detectives!! 🙂

Book Week 2017

As always, Book Week was another huge success this year. The children had lots of opportunities for extra reading time and discovered some new and exciting books in the Book Fair. Clifford dropped by to say hello to the children in Junior and Senior Infants. The children taught him some funny dance moves and in return Clifford read them a lovely story. Ms. Smyth did a storytelling drama workshop with the children in First and Second Class. The children used different props to tell some extremely creative stories. The storyteller Jack Lynch entertained the children from Third to Sixth Class with various funny and interesting stories. As well as all of this, we raised €5,000 which will be spent directly on new books for the school. A huge thank you to everyone involved in making it such a successful week! A special thank you to our former pupil Lauren Kelly for designing the beautiful banner for Book Week.

Junior Doctors in Room 2

We have had a very busy month this November as the boys and girls in room 2 took on the role of doctors and nurses. The cold winter weather brought about lots of colds, headaches, tummy pains and even broken arms, but luckily we had some doctors to help the patients get better.

Below are some of the activities we all took part in throughout the month:

The boys and girls built a hospital with two storeys and a car park for all of the staff and visitors. They created a small world with doctors, surgeons, nurses and patients.

During sand play, the boys and girls were filling containers and tubes and making sure the patients were given the correct medicine. We also made our own X-rays of the hand, legs and the whole body.

The doctor often prescribes medicine to make patients better again so we made some healthy food and medicine using Play Doh. We all wanted to make ice cream to help soothe a sore throat!

We all like to get cards and flowers so we wrote Get Well Soon cards and decorated them with pretty flowers and gave them to the patients who weren’t feeling too well.

The doctor needs a first aid kit so we were busy cutting out all of the equipment needed to make patients better. We learned lots of new words like stethoscope, thermometer, prescriptions and many more.

The receptionist was busy taking appointments and showing patients to the waiting room in the Doctor Surgery. The doctors and nurses were examining patients, prescribing medicine and giving out prescriptions. We even used a real stethoscope to listen to for a heartbeat!! We all enjoyed that part!! The doctors took X-rays and bandaged up lots of broken arms!

The junior doctors were on call for the whole month of November so they will need a good rest next week!

Slimy Science in Room 12!

As a reward for being really well behaved this week, Ms. Smyth did an extra experiment with us. It was so cool!

We made slime out of cornflour, water and food colouring. It felt really weird. When we picked it up it was like a liquid, and when we pushed down on it or tapped it, it was like a solid. Here are some photos of our experiment!

Creative Costumes this Halloween!

Here are some photos of our class playing maths games on the last day of term. We were all dressed up for Halloween! We look fabulous!

Magic Maths Games in Room 12

Every Friday, we play maths games in Room 12 during maths time. The games help us practise our skills in time, shape and space, multiplication, place value and lots of other topics. We have so much fun!

Halloween Art Attack in Room 12

Third Class loved decorating their classroom for Halloween with their own art. We made scary Frankensteins out of coloured card, using chalks and pastels we drew witches feet and focusing on pattern and colour we designed some pumpkins. Don’t they look fantastic!

Keeping busy in Autumn in Third Class!

The girls and boys in Room 12 are super fast at their work, and hate being idle- so we have made a Busy Bee Corner. It has some writing prompts for our creative copy, some mindfulness colouring sheets, some sudoku puzzles, some bookworm club activity sheets and some art projects. We also love reading our library books!

Check out some of our Autumn tree art we did in October!

Super September in Room 12

We started the year with a lot of art, in class and at home. In school we decorated some ice cream with crepe paper, and with our best writing we described the highlights of our Summer holidays. At home we made some timelines about our life and included pictures of important events like our birth, our first day at school and our communion.

Frighteningly Fun Activities in Room 2!

The boys and girls in Room 2 had a fantastic Hallowe’en week!  Below are some of the frighteningly fun activities that they took part in throughout the week:

  • They set up a Fancy Dress Shop in the classroom where they bought, sold and hired out some costumes. They used coins and even credit cards to pay for their items! They had great fun trying on all of the costumes!
  • They built cauldrons and castles out of large building blocks and they searched for their sounds and words stuck onto scary spiders hiding in the sand!!
  • Wendy the Witch also paid a visit and she told they boys and girls all about Hallowe’en around the world! They enjoyed using little characters and the town houses to act out trick ‘r treating!

The three Junior Infant classes also took part in their first assembly before Hallowe’en. There were lots of ghosts, witches and skeletons singing for everyone in school. They all performed in an exceptionally brilliant way!! Well done Junior Infants!! 🙂

Busy Bees in Room 10!

The boys and girls have been very busy creating some beautiful art pieces! During the month of September the children learned all about healthy eating. They used chalk pastels on black sugar paper to create some very effective pictures.

During the month of October we started our class novel ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark’. Plop, the main character, is a fat, fluffy barn owl with knackety knees who is afraid of the dark. The boys and girls made beautiful pictures of Plop watching fireworks. They used cotton wool for his fluffy tummy and oil pastels to create the fireworks.

Doctors and Nurses On Call in Room 1!

Ms. Cowley’s Junior Infants have thrust themselves into the medical world through the medium of play this week as they continue on their journey through the different topics in Aistear.

Throughout the week, the tables will be taking part in the various play stations, which include role-play, construction, small world, sand play, art and play dough. All the children have already been extending their vocabulary, learning so many new words such as x-ray, thermometer, stethoscope, injection, to name but a few!

The boys and girls in room 1 have never failed to show anything but the highest level of enthusiasm as they learn through play, developing their oral language in such a wonderfully creative and highly imaginative manner.

Miss Polly Had A Dolly

Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick.
So she called for the doctor to come quick, quick, quick.
The doctor came with his bag and his hat
And he knocked on the door with a rat-a-tat-tat.
He looked at the dolly and he shook his head
And he said “Miss Polly, put her straight to bed!”
He wrote on a paper for some pills, pills, pills
“I’ll be back in the morning with my bill, bill, bill.”

She went to bed, 

And she slept all night, 

And she woke up in the morning, 

Feeling quite alright! 

Hallowe’en in St. Paul’s

Have a look at all of the fantastic costumes from Hallowe’en dress up in St. Paul’s today!
We hope everyone has a wonderful midterm break and remember to stay safe! See you all back on November 6th!

Happy Hallowe’en!!

Mean Old Witch

I’m a mean old witch with a hat!

And I ride on a broom with my cat!

And my shoes are pointed,

And my chin is too,

And you better watch out,

Cause I might Scare you!

I’m a mean old witch with a hat!

The boys and girls in room 2 have made some spoooktacular  witches this week. They were busy painting green faces and black hats before they drew on their own witch’s eyes and pointy noses. We read and acted out the poem “Mean Old Witch”. I heard lots of cackles eeeheheehe eeeheheehe 

We were busy with our “froggy fingers” colouring and cutting out pumpkins. Sometimes the scissors can be tricky to hold and to cut things out but we are getting much better!! 🙂 

Junior Infants will also be performing at their first assembly this week. They have learned a lovely song about an cailleach agus an púca ag ithe úll beag buí!! We can’t wait to sing all of our songs and poems!!

Look at how busy we’ve been in room 3!

We’ve had a very busy few weeks in Ms. O’Sullivan’s Junior Infants classroom. The boys and girls have settled very well into their new school and we are delighted to welcome them to St. Paul’s.

We have been on a Nature Walk and we spotted so many signs of Autumn. Following on from that many children collected leaves, conkers, acorns,berries and cones while out for walks with their Mammy and Daddy and brought them in for our nature table. There is a real Autumnal feel to our classroom now. We are becoming experts on hedgehogs and squirrels. We know that a squirrel lives in a drey, a baby squirrel is called a kit and red squirrels have long tufts coming out of their ears. Hedgehogs curl up into a ball and stick their spikes out when they get frightened!

We’ve been having so much fun at our Aistear stations and we have learned so many new words that we use when we are playing. Our theme is Autumn so we are busy harvesting grain and vegetables, picking fruit and sweeping leaves, some birds are getting ready to migrate while other animals are preparing for hibernation.

We read a story ‘Elmar the Elephant’ which we really enjoyed and then we coloured patchwork animals inspired by this story. Everyone coloured so carefully and we tried really hard to stay inside the lines. We are very proud of our work which is dispalyed outside our classroom door.


September in Second Class

In Ms. Burke’s second class, the children have been learning all about food. In English, they used procedural writing techniques to write How to Make a Healthy Sandwich and How to Make a Cup of Tea. In Science, they looked at The Food Pyramid and later discovered how much sugar is really in the liquids we drink. In Art, they produced beautiful fruit bowls. To top it all off, they will sing Food Glorious Food for Assembly this Friday, as well as saying the poem Duilleoga Deasa.

Eye-Spy with my little eye!

Room 2 were busy little scientists this week as they were learning all about the eye!

We played eye-spy, we looked for objects around the classroom and we learned about the pupil, the iris and our eyelashes. The pupil lets the light in and out, the iris makes our eyes blue or green or brown and our eyelashes keep all of the dust out of our eyes! We also investigated how the pupil can change size by looking at the light and looking away from the light – this was the fun part as we could see the pupil getting bigger and smaller!! We labelled our eye diagrams, we drew on our own eyelashes and we coloured our eyes the correct colour.

That’s all for now, but keep your eyes peeled for more fascinating experiments from our budding scientists in Room 2!!


Student Council Elections

Congratulations to all of the students in Fifth and Sixth Class who took part in the Student Council Elections. The final candidates made fantastic presentations to their class mates before the official election took place! We look forward to discussing all of their ideas with the newly elected student council.

Jingles Comes to Room 11

On Monday morning, we came in all ready for the week’s work ahead when we were met with a very big surprise…… JINGLES!!!! We had heard that he had come and caused mischief in other people’s classroom and knew some day he was on his way to room 11, but we did not expect him first thing on a Monday morning.

When we came in, we noticed Ms O’ Riordan’s and Tina’s chairs were all wrapped in toilet paper. Then, when we looked up on the whiteboard, hanging up high was our two advent calendars covered in tissue paper and our book we are reading at the moment, ‘Rover Saves Christmas’, stuck to the board upside down. He had written on the board in his funny jingly writing that he was going to eat all the chocolate in our advent calendars and was stealing our book. We could not believe our eyes and didn’t know what to do. Luckily, Ms O Riordan found a note on her desk from Jingles saying: we will get our advent calendars and book back if we complete these 5 jobs:

  1. Write 10 ways to make Santa’s good list.
  2. Write a recipe for the nicest hot chocolate in the world.
  3. Write a poem entitled ‘Jingles the Bestie Elfie’.
  4. Practice for the carol service.
  5. (Most importantly) Give Ms O Riordan a break

We worked really hard to get all our jobs done, went to see a nativity play and when we came back….. Jingles was gone!!!! and we got everything back. Thank you Jingles. Next time you come….. we will be ready for you!

Hello to our new Junior Infants!

We are delighted to see all of our new boys and girls in Junior Infants settling into school life extremely well! Céad Míle Fáilte romhat! We look forward to watching them grow and develop throughout their years in St. Paul’s!

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back! We hope everyone had a lovely Summer and are ready for a busy and fun filled school year. Our calendar has been updated to show holidays and closure for the coming year.