In Room 8, the boys and girls have created beautiful pieces of art over the months of November and December. Just before the Hallowe’en break, they had begun reading The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark and completed Plop (the main character) fascinated by fireworks.

First up in November though, they made colourful emoji inspired faces. The whole class loved this activity! Next, they created beautiful swans. They had read The Children of Lir in History and discovered how Aoife turned Lir’s four children into swans. Then, they were learning about 2-D shapes and so they made shape faces in Maths. After this, they moved on to constructing snowmen using clay. They were very excited to work with the clay. They completed steps on how to build a snowman in English after. Finally, they created fabulous Christmas cards and if you are lucky to receive it, there’s a splendid artistic surprise inside!