Junior Infants had a wonderful first few weeks in school. We made lots of new friends and really enjoyed our play time topic “At School”. We worked with Lego, built schools, cut out shapes and got to play lots of different people in our school! We became little scientists when we were learning all about how our eyes work. Grandparents Day was a very special day in Junior Infants and we all loved showing our grandparents around our classroom. Well done Junior Infants!


We had a busy month in Room 2 as it was harvest season.  We collected leaves, brought in conkers and made some very prickly hedgehogs during art. We were introduced to the colourful characters of Numicon and we enjoyed exploring how the shapes work together to make different number stories. Yoga is something we all enjoy in Room 2. It’s a lovely way to relax after a busy week in school. We set up our own Fancy Dress Shop during play time and loved making castles and cauldrons and learning about Hallowe’en around the world. We also performed at our very first assembly – it was a spooktacular day!


We were very busy this month as we took on the role of doctors and nurses. We built hospitals, made healthy food, wrote cards and helped lots of patients get better. We really enjoyed a visit from a real doctor who told us all about the fantastic work she does at her surgery.  Book Week was lots of fun, especially when the very talented author, Benji Bennett came to talk and read to us. We have been doing an amazing job at learning all of our new sounds each week – we love blending them together to make new words. We also like the challenge of finding “tricky words” in our library books!


‘Tis the Season to be Jolly….. Our classroom has been transformed into the magical North Pole! We have set up Santa’s workshop where we are busy writing lists (and checking twice!!), making toys, wrapping gifts and delivering presents. We even built Santa’s sleigh using big lego and made Christmas puddings and glittery candles! Advent is a special time of year and we’re doing lots of things to get ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We are busy practicing for our Christmas Nativity Play and we can’t wait to perform it next week! Oh and not forgetting the special visitor that arrived in Room 2… Jingles our school elf!!

Keep an eye on our Junior Infant blog – we’ll be back with more updates soon!

From all the boys and girls in Room 2 🙂