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The boys and girls in Room 2 are enjoying the start of a new season – we have been doing lots of fun activities this February so far! 

We love Show and Tell on Fridays! We always enjoy bringing in something special from home to share with the class. We have seen lots of teddies, photographs, stretchy toys, GAA gear, dolls and even secret jewels and giant calculators….the list goes on!! We made funky fruit baskets during art time and we loved listening to the story of The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We wrote our own diary about the fruits the caterpillar ate! 🙂 

On the 1st of February, we celebrated St. Brigid’s Day. We loved learning about St. Brigid and how she helped the poor, the sore and the sick. Our teacher showed us how a St. Brigid’s cross is made and how we place it over our door to keep us safe. The story about St. Brigid’s colourful cloak was really special! We made some lovely art to honour St. Brigid! 🙂 

Cake Sale Day – It was a very happy Friday last week when the boys and girls went to the hall to buy some of the wonderfully delicious treats, cakes and bars that the sixth class children made. We all had happy cake filled faces that day!! 🙂