The boys and girls in Room 2 have welcomed the New Year with a great smile! They started off the month with “The Supermarket” as their playtime topic and have been enjoying many different activities such as building the aisles in the supermarket, acting out the roles of shopkeeper, customers, suppliers and bag packers, making lots of healthy food out of play dough and creating their own small village, just like Ratoath!

We had a big discussion about healthy eating and keeping fit for the New Year! After reading the book “Grow Your Own” we learned that fruits and vegetables help us to fight away colds, build strong muscles, protect our eyes and give us lots of energy! We also made a picture sequence about “The Story of Milk” and how we get milk from the cows to the supermarket shelves. The farmers have busy jobs to get all of those cows milked!

New Year, New Activities – we have started doing writing stations during English time. We practised our new letter on our big sheets, we made the letter formation using pegs, we read sentences to find the matching picture, we played snap using our Tricky Words, we wrote words and sentences on the whiteboards and we traced the letters in the sand! Writing stations were so much fun it even felt like playtime!!

We have been learning all about the number 3 this week as well. During Numicon we made the formation of the number and built towers of 3. We searched for the shape in the Numicon Feely Bag and we found lots of different combinations such as 2 + 1 makes 3 and 3 + 0 makes 3! Some boys and girls have 3 people in their family, others have the number 3 on their house and one child has 3 dogs!! 

The boys and girls have also brought in lots of funky fruits as part of being a Healthy School. Keep up the good work Junior Infants! 🙂